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Welcome from the Woodruffs!                                           Northwood Water Set       

German P-38 Walther                                                      Grandkids on the way?   

Piano Joe!                                                                     Toys 'R' Us

Walnut Fire Screen                                                         Packed House          

Sidewalk Sale                                                            Pepsi Carrier   

The Three Muskateers                                                   Lance Snack Jar    

Bowknot Cornucopia                          Local Pottery                          Coke Sign Board   

Deals on Wheels

       Bowknot Console Bowl                                                         Pedal Hard!         

     Picasso?                                                             On Time at Last

We LOVE On Site Auctions!!!

             Wild West Days                                                          Civil War Colts                  

                US Army Rifle                                            Civil War Relic-Guess Which One?

           Hobnail Lamp                                                                  Tickled Blue!         

                   Two Pieces Over $27,000!!!                                     At Last - Something for the hole!                       

    She said "buy it", so I did                                     Vroom, Vroom ~ 1940 Buick Special

              SOLD!                                                              Like the sign says, I'm....

         I saw the light                                                                   Still Packed         

                          Hulcher Estate Sale                                           Momma, What's Sid doing?               

         Hummel Crazy                                                              Going Crusin'      

                   Do you think I can fit?                                                   Ahhh . . . . Retirement!             

   Great Grandpa's Jug- No Kiddin!                                 WWI Trench Art  Helmet          

             Have bookends, need books!                                    Just love that Ol' Ballgame            

     15 Gallon Kid - 10 Gallon???                                  Happy Anniversary, Honey!       

     Tureens Headed to Maryland                                             Oak Kitchen Clock            

Well, it's a start!                                                            Another Old Bird

              Fan Quilt                                                             All we need is the churn   

Lance Man                                                                     Seeing Double?!

           A What?!!                                                                    Happy Times     

              Earnin' Their Keep?                                                    Hey, this bottles empty!

                    Father Time                                                          Gone With The Wind

                          Bohemian Lusters                                 Faithful customers get super buys!                       





























A Successful Auction Doesn't Just Happen, It's Planned That Way!

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